WACH FOX and Bojangles

On March 28, 2012. I had the honor of being interviewed on live television as WACH FOX wanted to ask me about Teacher Of the Year and about being named a SC Honor Roll teacher one of the top 5 in our state. This was a fun and intriguing experience, and I think I was more excited about seeing what goes on behind the cameras in a television studio than anything. To be celebrated on live television by the station anchors was an incredible feeling, just to be appreciated for what I love to do everyday. Also in the segment was a piece about Bojangles who donate books to the district level TOY’s every year, that was pure fun and of course I had goodies to take back to school for the faculty and staff.

That afternoon I had the joy of attending the Bojangles official TOY celebration where we were presented with our books for our schools and what I loved more than anything was the opportunity to include my students in this celebration, after all without them I wouldn’t be here! My DME Choraliers took great delight in singing our special “Bojangles” arrangement of Carolina In The Morning, but I think it was a close tie with how much they enjoyed eating their Bojangles meals after they sang. Tony Birch from Bojangles was a super man to talk to and thoroughly enjoys this part of his job. Trip DuBard and Debbie Jones of SC Future Minds co sponsored the celebration and I owe a great deal of gratitude and thanks to them all for making us feel so special.



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